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Project - 'Lil Prince Charlie



Very impressive! I love the photo corners, and the little embellishment in the bottom left corner. This is great!

Oh my goodness he's adorable and great job on the costume! Great looking layout, like the green and black.


What a great page!
Love the journaling :)
And kudos on that costume!

LOL, how fun is this...enthusiastic is a great word to describe it, LOL. You've got some really beautifully done intricate work on here.

This is so cute. You got some great shots of him in action. I think he should have won the hand of the princess! Love the title font. What a fun layout.

ADORABLE!!! Love the monochromatic green with that touch of browns.

Project - 'Lil Prince Charlie
About this project

Project - 'Lil Prince Charlie
by Michelle Mostert
posted 01/07/13 at 08:15 AM
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My youngest DS at his school concert. He was such an enthusiastic participant that we thought he was going to fall off the stage :-)

Journalling reads:“ 'Lil Prince Charlie was one of three sons of a king of a land far, far away. They competed in a dance-off for the hand of a princess. However, each of the three had something wrong with them.

One was very vain, another just slept all day. But Charlie, well, Charlie had two left feet. He loved to dance but when he did he fell down all the time. people watching were always afraid he would hurt himself. He also got tangled up in his cape, dropping it and generally not dancing properly.

Needless to say, the princess was not impressed by him and went on to look for another suitor. He was disappointed because he thought his regal clothing and sense of fun would carry the day. After all, his mother had worked hard on his outfit (though it seems she made a mistakeadding the cape). Just goes to show that good looks and enthusiasm might not win the princess but will make sure you have a great deal of fun.”

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