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Project - Brother & Sister



I also love your handwriting and have scraplifted many of your cards. Keep the videos coming.

At least your few childhood photos are in focus! I was an child with very few pictures. These are so super! Love this lo. And love your handwriting!

The cork is awesome on this!

Nice to see a scrap page made by you!! you always inspire my new adventure with cardmaking....and I have to say I just love your handwriting! :) thanks for sharing.

Neat to see a page from you....I always love your cards! Great digi design!

LOL on the "furniture moved." I so get this. :)

Project - Brother & Sister
About this project

Project - Brother & Sister
by Kristina Werner
posted 02/18/10
Galleries: Scrapbooking

Being that I am the youngest child in my family, I am plagued by the fact that there are not too many photos of me as a child. But of the few that I have, these two are some of my favorite. In both photos, I'm with my older brother Ryan. When I found these photos, I couldn't resist and had to scan them and add them to a digital page. :)<br><br>

<strong>Journaling:</strong> Seven years separate us, but somehow Ryan has always been there. Especially when I need furniture moved, or my TV set up, or someone to bounce ideas off of. ;)
As for the digital elements on the page, I mixed quite a few items from different kits. Make sure to check out the product below to see what I used. :)<br><br>

<strong>Font used:</strong> Avenir<br>
<strong>Title:</strong> “Brother &” was written by myself with my Wacom tablet. “Sister” is the Cork Alpha digital kit.
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