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Project - Mannie



Kristina!!! So stinking cute - my sis has a kitty and I will sooo be using that digi for a LO. You rock :)

omg so cute! love your style!
And I must pick up that little kitty! too adorable.

So cute. Love the details and layers.

Oh my word! This is just darling!

Thank you for the color changing kitty frame instructions. I had no idea that you could do that! :)

Cute! I didn't think it was digi at first.

Project - Mannie
About this project

Project - Mannie
by Kristina Werner
posted 03/04/10
Galleries: Scrapbooking

Anyone who has adopted a pet knows about the instant bond that forms between you and your pet. When I adopted Mannie, it was the same way. Instant love for his little furry face.<br><br>

<strong>Journaling:</strong> After wanting to adopt a cat for so long, I finally decided to just do it! On February 20 I went to the animal shelter with Anna, Lonnie, and the boys to look at kitties. The minute I took Mannie out of his cage, he snuggled right up to me. He definitely adopted me. I couldn't resist and brought him home that night. The shelter called him “Mannaz.” I named him Mannie. :)<br><br>

<strong>TIP:</strong> To change the color on the cat illustration, I first pasted the desired pattern papers behind the illustration. Then I used the magic wand selection tool and selected the areas of the illustration I wanted to change (for example, the frame). The I selected the pattern paper layer, copied, and then pasted onto a new layer above the illustration. The new patterned covered up the original illustration colors. :)<br><br>

<strong>Fonts:</strong> Avenir and Arial Round
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