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Project - February 2010




I'll have to send you a pic of my dog.... your cat may be related. Now I just have to figure out how to do it.

Love this--both the layout and the monthly update concept. Mannie is adorable and you'll get used to the cat snoring--the husband is a different story. Oy

Awwww! M is such a gorgeous cat. I love that he curls up with you at night. That girls trip sounds amazing!

wonderful layout!

Project - February 2010
About this project

Project - February 2010
by Kristina Werner
posted 03/24/10
Galleries: Scrapbooking

I have a scrapbook journal where I like to create monthly summaries of what's been happening in my life. This is for the month of February. Usually I don't have very many photos, but this time I had a few of my new little guy. (Actually I have a lot of photos of him–he hasn't quite figured out to hide from the camera yet ;)<br><br>

For this page, I used just one large digital kit + a date stamp from a kit by Jen Allyson. The Summer's Edge collection by Scrap Originals is beautiful and has many elements that I'm always looking for. And I can never pass up a kit with brush stroke textures. :)<br><br>

Journaling reads: February was a pretty eventful month for me. It started out with a trip to San Antonio with Mom, Aubrey, Aunt Marilyn, and cousins Holly and Mandy. It was our bi-annual “girls trip.” The last one was in Vegas, but this time we decided to head even farther from home and go to Texas. We stayed right on the River Walk and though it was rather cold and rainy, it was also beautiful. San Antonio is a wonderful city.<br><br>

After I came home, I decided it was definitely time to adopt a pet. So on the 20th, I adopted Mannie. He also goes by Mannaz (pronounced “Mayonnaise”) and has swiftly wrapped me around his little paw. He now sleeps next to me every night. All is well, except he snores. I suppose it's good practice for a future husband. ;)<br><br>

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