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Project - Mom & Dad



Your journaling is so touching. Good job on the photo clean up too.....

This is wonderful, I want to do one of my parents also. Sad you can only see them a couple of times a year.

This is very sweet. You've inspired me to do a layout on my own parents. Great picture!!
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Project - Mom & Dad
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Project - Mom & Dad
by andyapc
posted 01/26/06 at 04:42 PM
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Yep - my parents. As you can see, I didn't have much of a chance when it came to noses. Thank God for rhinoplasy!! I only see them twice a year and each time, I'm a little shocked at how much older they appear. They've been married 43 years, God bless them. I hope my hubby can put up with me for even half that! Had to get rid of a lot of background yuckies - it was Christmas time and while I love all the Christmas decorations in real life, a lot of it looks like poop when it's in the background of a picture! Journaling reads: I see a reflection of you both in my features; I recognize an occasional mannerism here and there. More often than not, I sense a little of each of you in my choice of words and tone. Miles may span the distance between our houses but that is all that separates us. You are with me always and for that, I am grateful.

Edge brushes by misprintedtype; corner brushes by truly sarah.

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