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Project - My Scraproom



Beautiful space!!! What does the pencil art say on the side of the K?

Wow how organized you are love that alphabet storage system.

Beautiful and functional! thanks for sharing.

awesome space! love that "K" made of colored pencils!! so cool!

Gorgeous space! I LOVE that sign!

Absolutely fabulous!

Project - My Scraproom
About this project

Project - My Scraproom
by Khay
posted 04/13/05 at 10:29 AM
Galleries: Scrapbooking

well, I lost my old scraproom to our new baby girl so I made my hubby convert our garage to an office/scrapbook space. =) I love it! The whole thing is 14' long. 8' of counter space, and a 4' desk made out of counter top as well, which was too messy to be in the picture. ha! <br> <br>

The cabinets were purchased unfinished at an outlet, I painted them and added hardware. The stamp pad/ribbon/stamp holders were purchased off of ebay, my paper trays are from the container store. They are meant to be horizontal, but work very well on their side for vertical storage. I have my ribbon in big jars from target/hobby lobby sorted by color, I have since wrapped them on clothespins though. I like it much better that way. All alphabet letters, wooden, metal, acrylic, are seperated by letter in little drawers. The other sets of white drawers hold my unmounted stamps as well as my KI punch outs and what not. <br> <br> I keep everything else in the drawers and cabinets. I love having it all hidden away, and so does my husband. Ha! The “its all about me” sign and the Pencil Art “k” were gifts from my good buddy, Gillian. Thanks again, G!! <br> <br> Thanks so much for looking!! Kim

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