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Project - New Product Focus : Days like These

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Project - New Product Focus : Days like These
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Garden Girl

Project - New Product Focus : Days like These
by shimelle
posted 05/01/09
Galleries: Scrapbooking

<p>There are so many new digital kits to love, love, love!&nbsp; Even though this page seems pretty minimal, my favourites are packed in there, so let me tell you what I love about each one:</p>
<p>Meredith's <a href=" []“>Naked Stamp Sheets</a> are positively simple sophistication!&nbsp; All the files come with the paper and shadow so you can get just the look you want.&nbsp; Use them with different photos behind each stamp frame, with one big photo divided into all the pieces of the stamp frame or get hitting that ‘duplicate layer’ button so you can put the same image behind each frame, like a sheet of real stamps with your pictures as the subject.&nbsp; Just add your photo in one layer, then make a new layer on top and paste in the stamp, and erase anything that hangs outside the stamp frame.&nbsp; Love that they come in so many groupings and sizes so I won't get tired of these any time soon!</p>
<p><a href=” []“>Old Boris Papers</a> from The Queen of Quirk are rich, rich, rich!&nbsp; (Maybe Old Boris is too!)&nbsp; There's a beautiful mix of patterns and solids – this rich red background is from the solids.&nbsp; I pretty much missed it in the preview and was delighted to find it when I was looking through all the files!&nbsp; It has the perfect amount of distressed vignette – that edge is just how it comes so it will look beautiful no matter what!</p>
<p>Carina's Peony Place collection is packed to the max with the very defintion of beautiful!&nbsp; I used the <a href=” []“>Pretty Borders</a> at the top and behind the stamp photos, and the butterflies come from the <a href=” []“>Floral Fantasy</a> kit.&nbsp; It comes with and without a solid background, so you get the best of both worlds.</p>
<p>Everything was almost finished, but it needed something a bit lighter to add some contrast, so I pulled in an old favourite for adding texture – Rhonna's <a href=” []">Strokes &amp; Splatters</a>.&nbsp; I use the brush file and then move the layers around until everything seems to sit just right!</p>
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