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Project - NSD 2012 :: Maxing Out a Set of Supplies



GG this video is brilliant. I feel renewed to carry on in my craft. Thanks so much!

This past weekend, I had a chance to finally watch some videos I've had bookmarked and I had nearly all the paper and embellies Shimelle used in last years NSD Max out a set of supplies. I'm a happy to say, I got them all done. Yep! All 8 of them. I now it's nearly a year but hey...I did it. Yay me!!!

Any idea why I can't see the video? <sob!>

I LOVED this video! I LOVED the longer length and all the little pieces of info you packed into it. I LOVED how each layout looks different and stands on it's own. My favorite layout was the Buckingham Palace layout... funny how you don't like working w/those two size photos on the same layout. I'm always using that combo and placing my title on the top gap... I love how you handled the title.

I find myself saving products for the perfect layout... this has inspired me to take those products and create a kit of my own and use every little piece of it.

THANKS and keep making these longer videos, which are better than anything on TV.

Loved this video, as I do all your videos and classes. Thanks so much for the nice NSD gift! I did not get to scrap much last weekend but I have tons of inspiration for getting out some supplies (and maybe the rest of my SC kits) and see what I can do. I particularly appreciate the 2 coordinating single page layouts. I seem to often have 2 4x6 photos in different orientations and could never figure out a good way to use them together. Now I know! I hope you got to enjoy some of NSweekend if you weren't too tired.

Wow, you rock. It's funny because I did the same thing on NSD I worked from one kit and made as many layouts as I could and it was a blast. I felt like I got more for my money and I had to be a little more creative.

Project - NSD 2012 :: Maxing Out a Set of Supplies
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Garden Girl

Project - NSD 2012 :: Maxing Out a Set of Supplies
by shimelle
posted 05/06/12
Galleries: Scrapbooking

Happy NSD 2012!

To jumpstart my scrapbooking for this year's NSD celebrations, I put together my own kit of supplies from the Two Peas store, including ten patterned papers, a stamp set, two kinds of letter stickers, a few sheets of cardstock and some embellishments. You can find the exact contents of my kit below if you want to take on this very same challenge!

Then I challenged myself to see exactly how much I could get from using those supplies and nothing else other than a few basic tools. I didn't add any other paper or embellishments. I steered clear of my scrap basket and didn't touch any washi tape - it was a true challenge! In the end I had eight finished 12x12 pages and only a few small scraps of paper and some letter stickers left.

And you can watch the whole process if you like!

At the end of the video, I mentioned that when I scrap like this I often leave the pages overnight then add some finishing touches the next day. Most of what I added was machine stitching, with red thread. I also added a bit more embellishment to the pink layout with the oddball photo - a leftover scrap of border sticker, some number stickers and inspired by one of the NSD challenges, some confetti scattered in that corner. The confetti idea made me very happy indeed!

Have you ever chosen a set of supplies then scrapped until there was nothing left? I'd love to hear your ideas! Come chat about it with me on the general scrapping board!
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