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Project - ENTER if you dare! MY SCRAP ROOM!


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Now.... THIS is a room, I could scrap in. I am so anal about keeping my scrap area tidy and yours is right up my ally <img border='0' src='/images/icons/smile.gif'>

Tessa Watte`

Project - ENTER if you dare! MY SCRAP ROOM!
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Project - ENTER if you dare! MY SCRAP ROOM!
by spitfiregirl
posted 10/17/03 at 08:47 PM
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I just redid my room top reduce the “visual noise”. Somehow I keep aquiring more stuff! (when i moved I already had 21 boxes….Remember?) CKU VAncouver, A memory Makers gift package and carolees design team stuff all in 3 days really wreaked havok on my room.. in other words it was a wreck! I bought a $29 shelf from walmart and bought 50 black boxes for 1.99 each at michaels and went to town organizing. I still need to do my computer area, but tomorrow is another day! The white oblong boxes on the shelf (with the metal circle on them) have my floss containers (fibers in two floss boxes, charms and metals in 2 others)sitting sideways in them. The french doors leading to the room have sepia tinted photos in the windows. I still need to rummage up some more and print them.The target cubes are for my latest greatest stuff, I like to keep it oput so i dont forget about it! THanks for looking!

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