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Project - Sweetie-Pie, Schnookums and Peanut



this is adorable. love the digital birds and flowers. thanks for commenting on my LOs. and yes being a young grandma is awesome!!! of course after the shock wears off!

Love your layout! How sweet that photo is.

i love doodles! although this is digi ( i personally love paper) i will copy this for sure!)

Project - Sweetie-Pie, Schnookums and Peanut
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Project - Sweetie-Pie, Schnookums and Peanut
by lizj
posted 05/29/11 at 07:38 AM
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The true stories are the best! TFL!
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“Up you go, Sweetie-Pie.” I smiled at baby Kate as I lifted her onto my lap.
“Grammie!” I heard a small voice exclaim nearby, “I’m your Sweetie-Pie!”
Oh. Dear. Of course. You can only have one Sweetie-Pie. “You’re right, Sadie.” I answered. “That’s your special name. So what shall I call your sister?”
“What’s wrong with calling her Kate?” Mommy called from the next room. Well, what’s the fun in calling her by her name, I ask you?
“How about Schnookums?” I suggested. After some consternation on the part of the three-year-old, this name was allowed. By this time Mommy was getting into the spirit of the thing, so when I asked what Grammie-name we would give Tess, Mommy chimed in with “Peanut!”
And so it was that Grammie’s three girls were dubbed Sweetie-Pie, Schnookums and Peanut. Somebody better write this down so Grammie won’t forget who’s who.
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