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Project - same whale, different girls

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How cute, and look the colors are so perfect too!!

great idea! what cuties they are!

I love their names under the journaling and the title placement! It's cute to see photos of siblings doing the same things at the same age. cute page!

Oh, that's too cute! I really like the different mix of patterned paper.

Project - same whale, different girls
About this project

Project - same whale, different girls
by lizj
posted 12/01/12 at 08:49 PM
Galleries: Scrapbooking

I realized after taking photos of baby Tess at the park that the photo site looked familiar – her sister loved that same park ride, three years earlier! This was a fun comparison. TFL.

2peas digital kits/Adrienne Looman/raspberry tart pp
2peas digital kits/Adrienne Looman/peanut butter pp
2peas digital kits/Edeline Marta/capture moments frame
2peas digital kits/Polka Dot Pixels/emily spaghetti font
2peas digital kits/Hello Forever/numbered tabs
2peas digital kits/Jen Martakis/Love One Another ribbon
2peas digital kits/Adrienne Looman/strawberry/buttons
2peas digital kits/Michelle Underwood/Libby/ doily flower (re-colored)
2peas digital kits/Vinnie Pearce/Apple of my Eye/ stitching
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