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Project - reach out and touch it

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see a Xmas Kit can be used also for non Xmas photos. This is awesome!!

Thanks for your comment, I want to say that his works are beautiful

I really like the paper you chose for the flags. Those frames are really cool and the photos (wa on top- great touch) adorable.

love how you used the frame and blue pieces around the page! the sentiment is perfect with this photo, too!

I am amazed that this is a Christmas kit. :) I love the colors and the sparkle behind everything - perfect girlie touch for this!

Project - reach out and touch it
About this project

Project - reach out and touch it
by lizj
posted 12/18/12 at 06:50 PM
Galleries: Scrapbooking

For the kit smitten this week (12/18/12). My adorable dgd's, who look with their hands, not their eyes. TFL!
2peas digital kits/Edeline Marta/Christmas Cheer/pp, doily, flower, banner, string, frame, glitter
2peas digital kits/Edeline Marta/hellow hellow/stitching
special thanks to Sue Cummings for the word art inspiration
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