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Project - going for a walk



very all the photos!

LOVE LOVE LOVE your grid design!

LOVE this. i am most impressed with your list of credits. LOL. way to spread the love around!!

I really like the way you reduced the templates and added a larger border around.

Fantastic journaling. You have a way with words. I love all the photos.

Such cute journaling. Love that little cluster on the side and the stapled strips.

Project - going for a walk
About this project

Project - going for a walk
by lizj
posted 01/22/13 at 05:51 PM
Galleries: Scrapbooking

I am not a PLer, but I do like multi-photo lo's, so I thought I'd use some of Emily's new 365 PL templates (Polka Dot Pixels)for a fun two page multi-photo spread. Also, for Janelle's challenge to use blending styles to alter paper, on page 1 of this, I used a multiply blending mode to combine two papers to get both a graph and textured result. I love digital! TFL.
2peas digital kits/AdrienneLooman/clean exposure action
2peas digital kits/Polka Dot Pixels/mylife365 project templates 3
2peas digital kits/Just Jaimee/January 2013 Storyteller/journal card
2peas digital kits/Jen Martakis/kits/live & love journal card, epoxy, pp
2peas digital kits/Chrissy W./peasoup dec12 textured green pp
2peas digital kits/Chrissy W./writeon pp (multiply blending mode)
2peas digital kits/Jen Martakis/Sunshine And Rain/pp (re-colored)
2peas digital kits/Jen Martakis/pea soup/October 2012 HarvestSolids pp
2peas digital kits/Just Jaimee/September 2012 Storyteller/messy background
2peas digital kits/Vinnie Pearce/Live Laugh Love floral rub
2peas digital kits/Jen Martakis/kits/Sunday News/flower bouquet
2peas digital kits/Just Jaimee/kits/December Storyteller date stamp
2peas digital kits/Jen Martakis/text on a path/JournalBundle
2peas digital kits/Jen Martakis/notebook pp
2peas digital kits/Chrissy W./writeon staple
2peas digital kits/Angie Kovacs/Attached To You staple
2peas digital kits/Polka Dot Pixels/heart to heart/staple
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