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Project - where did the time go?

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gorgeous! love the comparison photos and how you divided the page between the photos with the clocks!

This layout is so sweet, Liz. Seeing the clocks and the journaling choked me up a little (and mine are only 2 and 7).

Oh I love this! Great job usin those photos

Love this one- you really combined a lot of things and it worked out well. My favorite of course is the then and now photos- just perfect.

What a sweet page! I love "then and now" photos. Love the watch faces across the center of the page, too!

Fun LO liz!

Project - where did the time go?
About this project

Project - where did the time go?
by lizj
posted 01/26/13 at 04:20 PM
Galleries: Scrapbooking

This was a fun lo for a few reasons. I love the comparison photos, for one. Combining Adrienne's steampunk elements was hilarious – I was never sure which watch parts were meant to go together, so it was fun trying them out in different combinations. And last, I'm pretty sure Vinnie intended that set of stitching to be used one by one, but once I saw the three strands of stitching on the lo, I liked it enough to keep it as is! TFL.

2peas digital kits/Adrienne Looman/steampunk
2peas digital kits/Adrienne Looman/clean exposure action
2peas digital kits/Adrienne Looman/bellfower pp
2peas digital kits/Vinnie Pearce/1000 miles/clock, stitching, pp, flower overlay, tag
2peas digital kits/Adrienne Looman/polaroid frames kiwi
2peas digital kits/Just Jaimee/September Storyteller/string
2peas digital kits/AL Messenger font
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