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This photo is wonderful! The scripture is perfect. IMHO though, I would make it a little bigger so it's easier to see it and the picture at the same time.

what a great capture....He is awesome isn't He <img border='0' src='/graphics/mbicons/smilies_v2/smile.gif'> Belle

Julie, Yep it is!! I <img border='0' src='/graphics/mbicons/smilies_v2/love.gif'> it! Thanks for the comments <img border='0' src='/graphics/mbicons/smilies_v2/smile.gif'>

WOW...Makes me want to shout! God bless you both!

What an awesome photo!! He deserves ALL of the praise!!

Our God is sooo Good! And that's why this photo. Praise Him indeed


Oh wonderful!!!! Is this on your D80? <img border='0' src='/graphics/mbicons/smilies_v2/thumbup.gif'>

I love it!

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