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Project - Niagara Falls

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These are the neatest pics. That icy gaurdrail is quite spectacular. I love the way the swirly brush work repeats the pattern of the rail and these colors worked so nicely with your pics.

Brr cold. Can't believe how icy it gets consider the water is moving.

Edited to add - great job blending the icy border in the background photo.

I love Niagara in the winter. We live about 40 minutes from there, Its beautiful at night in the winter. Great photos!

Awesome job on the blended photo! Gorgeous page!

I'm glad you showed us the second photo, I wouldn't have realized it was a blended photo, that was awesome! I love this color combo, what a great challenge. Nice job on the torn pp, that's a good touch on here.

Project - Niagara Falls
About this project

Project - Niagara Falls
by sroller
posted 01/24/09 at 02:58 PM
Galleries: Scrapbooking

OK. I am in a sad state of affairs. With oldest DS away at college, I no longer have fresh pictures to scrap. But I wanted to play today and do something for the color challenge so I scrapped three year old pictures that I have already scrapped. Used Gina Cabrera's Aqua Dream kit paper in addition to all the 2P's products. Blended a picture of the fence/guardrail covered with ice. That was what was so amazing to me. Seeing all that ice. The second picture is the one I blended. TFL!
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