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Project - Symphony of Winds

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To answer the question about how do I get such a good shot--I have a really great zoom on my camera (Sony DSC-H7 I think). I was at the back of the auditorium when I took the picture. For those of you that commented on the LO I did with pep band pictures back in December--I was way across the gym. That was a little more difficult because I was shaking too much so they were blurry from that distance from being too shaky.

brings back memories! i played the flute in high school.
great photo!

Ok what is YOUR secret for getting such a great shot of a group concert? love how you used this template to showcase a great photo. Nice to see boys playing clarinet...our bad sadly is lacking in that gender -- all but one is female, but we have quite a hefty saxophone section. LOL.

Wonderful photo!! I'm with Liz! We usually had to sit so far back we couldn't even figure out where the kid was!!

I'm impressed by how close a shot you got! Every school picture I ever took looked like I was in the next county. Chris looks so intense as he plays. How cool that your boys have different interests. Great lo.

Amazing photo, Shannon! I love the font you picked... very elegant! the swirls just make the music come to life! Just perfect!

Project - Symphony of Winds
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Project - Symphony of Winds
by sroller
posted 02/01/10 at 12:32 PM
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Picture of DS in a band concert last week. Paper by Gina Cabrera Free Aqua Dreams kit. Couldn't link my template–Queen of Quirk Scrap Canvas 8. TFL!

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