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Project - Little Monster-Digital Challenge-I need an opinion



The monster one is great!

Haha, hilarious! Great photo for the template too :)

I love the monster one!

I would go with the first one. It's fun and the photo is PERFECT for this QP. You can see that it's his 21st b-day in the photo so no need to repeat that fact. I love that you mention his 'maturity'! Too funny.
The 2nd layout is great too, but it's a bit too serious for that second photo.
Great job!

I agree with you...that photo matches the template! Maybe you could add that it's his 21st birthday in the journaling or the title work somehow since it was a big bday? Great page!

Definitely, the monster page wins. I love that qp from Jen, and you did it justice! Congrats on his 21st, wowsa!

Project - Little Monster-Digital Challenge-I need an opinion
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Project - Little Monster-Digital Challenge-I need an opinion
by sroller
posted 07/28/10 at 07:03 PM
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Did the digital challenge with DS's birthday picture. I have been contemplating redoing his birthday LO anyway. The pictures aren't very good and I'm not sure I like the LO that I did before (2nd LO). Since it was significant birthday, there is a part of me that thinks it needs to be more of a birthday LO. The other part of me thinks he was a bit of a brat sticking his tongue out when I was trying to take pictures–adult or not–that he was a little monster and that it really doesn't matter if it is a “real” birthday LO. What do you think?
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