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Project - Pink altered ATG



Thanks for posting this!

Going to buy some plastic paint, that yellow is really unsightly! Pink and Black for me!

I got mine at

I've heard all good things about this. Can you share the best price / place for the gun & refills?


If you go to you can see what colors the plastic paint comes in. Its sold at walmart home depot and lowes but I couldn't find the pink anywhere but at a small ACE hardware. I think HL J's and M's has it too. There aren't a ton of great color choices but I thought it was safer to stick with it rather than a non plastic paint.

That is sooo cute! I may have to give this a try. Where can you buy the paint? Does it come in purple too? <img border='0' src='/images/icons/smile.gif'>

Project - Pink altered ATG
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Project - Pink altered ATG
by sukilewis
posted 03/27/07 at 05:47 PM
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Painted this with the Krylon plastic spray paint. Went on perfectly and completely covered the red. I did several light coats. I plan to add stamping with staz-on or rub ons.

Here are the details…
I removed the two wheels inside. Super easy to do Just unscrew and lift off set aside. Then I taped off everything I didn't want painted with plastic wrap (some of what it came packed in)and masking tape. The krylon dries pretty quickly I allowed 15 minutes between coats but after I was satisfied with the coverage I left it for 24 hours without unwrapping it as per can directions not to handle for 24. It also says it is chip resistant after a week so I decided to wait till this next weekend to do any additional altering to it. The finish looks great I don't plan to add any sealer but if I add rubons I might do something to protect those.

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