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Project - Week 9 Organize your stuff Challenge 2010

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The Brad Container is an old Cropper Hopper embellie container - not sure if they still make it. The others are creative options.

What kind of container is this?

I like your embellies done by color, regardless of the embellie "type". I've wondered how that would work. Very cool brad storage!

Love the color-sorted embellishments! I haven't jumped on the bandwagon, but I can see how it's useful. Great brad storage, too :-)

Project - Week 9 Organize your stuff Challenge 2010
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Project - Week 9 Organize your stuff Challenge 2010
by j*scraps
posted 02/27/10 at 11:35 AM
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Week 9 Embellishments
This is a picture of how I have had my brads sorted for several years.

For this challenge, I sorted my other embellishments into 3 bins, warm colors, cools, and neutrals. Then I put all the Cools in a creative options divided container, Green, Blue, and Violet. Same with the Warms, Red, Orange, Yellow, and then the Neutrals.

I can see what I have, and I can grab it without dealing with packaging. Hope this is going to work for me, because before I wasn’t really using what I had.

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