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Project - Baby Shower Diaper Cake


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Beautiful! What a lovely cake! Love the purple and green together!

Project - Baby Shower Diaper Cake
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Project - Baby Shower Diaper Cake
by oceanchyck
posted 05/22/10 at 01:38 PM
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Made this diaper cake for my friend's baby shower. The colors were purple, green, and pink. Since she is doing a butterfly/dancer theme I worked those in two. I did the fanned diaper method rather than rolling them - much quicker to do and easier for her to actually use the diapers.

Here's how I did it.

*you will need just over 100 diapers to replicate the size I did which was about 15“ in diameter for the bottom layer.
*beverage tray with a lip (approx. 15” in diameter)
*clear stretchy cord (from beading aisle)
*ribbon in your color of choice (about 2 rolls of 5 yard ribbon)
*daisies or other embellishments to add around the ribbon
*a topper

1) Get a beverage tray with a lip on it. It makes it much easier to start your first layer.
2) Place a cylindrical-shaped (tallish) item in the center of the tray - I used a canister of anti-bacterial wipes.
3) Grab 10-12 diapers to start and bend then into a fan starting at the edge of the tray. It is helpful to have a second pair of hands to help you hold them in place for these assembly steps.
4) Keep adding diapers and keep with the fanning pattern until you have enough to firmly make the outer ring.
5) Fill in the center around the cylindrical item in the center with diapers until you have firmly filled that first layer.
6) Repeat as you did with the first level. Get some stretchy clear cording from the beading aisle at your local craft store so once you have the second layer completed, it can “hold” it until you get to the ribbon stage of the project.
7) Repeat again for the top layer and tie with the clear cord.
8) Cut a ribbon for each layer that is long enough to go around each layer. I layered my ribbon by getting a slightly thinner ribbon and gluing over the larger ribbon.
9) Wrap the ribbon around the bottom layer securing it taught. You can remove the clear cording that you used in assembly here, or I just hid it under the ribbon. Secure the ribbon at the seam with a straight pin. Repeat for next two layers.
10) Lastly, I bought some daisies at the craft store and pulled them off their stem and hot glued them to the ribbon. I also hot glued a butterfly I found to the flower on the second layer. Then I stuck the dancing bear on top.

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