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Project - iPhone Thief

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LOL, that is just too funny! Good for you finding a clever way to use them with a great title too!

my daughter does the same thing.. love how you documented this..
too funny.. your giving me a good idea to do the same next
time my daughter gets ahold of my phone.

Very cute and love the title.

hahaha- sooo funny. love that you made a layout of such an everyday event. those are the things we'll remember!

LOL! My kids do this all of the time...very fun LO.

Brilliant! I agree - they think up the strangest things to do with a phone camera. I once found about 50 photos of the TV on mine ?!

Project - iPhone Thief
About this project

Project - iPhone Thief
by KatyLouWho
posted 09/09/12 at 02:26 PM
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I left my phone in my stateroom one afternoon to charge, and when I came back to pick it up for more picture opportunites, I didn't even look at the previous pictures. Imagine my surprise when flipping through my phone pictures to show friends about my cruise when I found these gems.

I finally found a use for those colorbok letter brads that I had to have when I saw them a couple years ago at Big Lots. I used flowers from a Jenni Bowlin kit, and washi tape, and some “Tangerine Happy” Label stickers from My Minds Eye's line “The Sweetest Thing” designed by Jen Allyson. The border strips were from Teresa Collins.

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