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This is FANTASTIC! Gorgeous photos, Ive never even patted a cow :(
This is beautiful :)

Oh my goodness, I am lovin' your gallery. How fun and sweet all your pages with the animals. I LOVE this page for a cow. I like how your gallery looks so coordinated at once glance too. Wonderful!

This is such a wonderful page. Love the large photo format, plus the way you unified the smallers ones with the ricrac and matting. Amazing attention to detail. Your gallery is a pleasure to view!

Aww, they're so CUTE! I love cows too. We visit some at my friends house about once a week. I love how they just look at you and I'm dying to know what they're thinking! Such sweet photos :) Awesome page too, btw.

MOOOOO cho creative and I just LOVE it! :)

This is absolutely the BEST work I have seen in a very long time!! I sooooooooooo eish I was able to do this kind of work!!! Thanks so much for sharing!!!

Your photos are gorgeous, something so sweet about big cow eyes with those long eyelashes ... super cute layout.

What an adorable layout!

I loved your page, but your journaling is just too cute! loved it. Thanks for the giggle.

OMGosh! This is stinkin' awesome!

Sigh. Just sheer perfection, Candice. My day always gets considerably brighter when I see you've posted to LOAD. You captured some stunning photos of the cows and then turned those photos into the most amazing piece of art.

Oh my goodness...what a cute page! I confess I've never seen a page about cows until now, and this is awesome...your photos rock! That "how now brown cow" element is so cute and hilarious! I love the choice and placement of the other embellishments, too.

This is just BEAUTIFUL!! I love everything about it!

This is just stunning Candice! Love your photos and all the details. And the sunflowers. I also like taking photos of cows.

I agree! Only you could come up with such an original cow page (like other people would even think of doing cow pages). And the photos are fabulous!

Oh Candace - you've done it again - this LO is gorgeous - I love the details and how well balanced everything is - beautiful!

Super cute page and great journaling! Your pics are great!!

what a fun LO...who knew, cows were so photogenic?

awesome! I love, love, love your layouts. I'm so glad to see you're teaching at the scrapbook convention this year!

Wow! This is absolutely beautiful! I love the photos and all of the cute embellishments and your design is really great too. And your journaling was so cute and fun to read with all of your little puns and your description of your experience taking the photos. I absolutely LOVE this page!


This is sooooooo fabulous!! You need to send this to the Dairy Council so they can use it for their ads. You are so amazingly talented!!

Only you could make a cow page look gorgeous....! Wow, you are so talented, Candice!

So cute!!!

This is just brilliant. You never cease to amaze me - I love your sense of humour in the journaling and how you put the whole page together .............. Doodlebug owe you BIGTIME ......... wow! wow!! wow!! I just LOVE it!

Gorgeous Candice!!! It's Mootiful!!!! ♥

LOVE how you worked the Doodlebug with these great pictures! Just amazing.


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