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I think your layout is beautiful. TFS. I wish I would have done some belly shots when I was pregnant, but I wasn't a scrapbooker then, and didn't want anyone to see, lol. I really wish I had them now.

thanx everyone who supported my choice to put my layout up for peas to see........

Lovely layout yummy mummy! And to the rest of you rude peas who had harsh things to say to her, remember what you were taught in elementary school, if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.

Oh my gosh folks, I can see the underwear. It is sort of a pinky purple. I think the layout is beautiful and as I told Yummy Mummy in a personal peamail, when my daughter has a baby, I would love to do a page like this. Yes, it is a personal time in ones life, but it is something to be shared as well, something so beautiful like bringing a life into this world. And ladies, she is very covered except for her belly, look closely and you will see she is wearing underwear. I know the picture tends to draw your eyes right to her, as it should because you can see how excited she is and that is the whole point of a layout to tell a story, but folks, you are overreacting. Those of you who think this is way out of line, once you take a look at it, just close it back up and don't bother.

i am wearing underwear under my gown.....they are purple....and i have already siad that i can take construtive criticism. I have no problem with having negative feedback it's the fact that people have to be so rude about it . Your intitled to your own opinions.

Hmmm... yes, congratulations, but it is very obvious you have nothing else on under the hospital gown and no, I didn't notice the pics at the top either until I read your journaling and looked back to find them. You should be proud of this event in your life, but I agree that these are personal pics to be shared with loved ones. Yes, others take pics of their bellies when pregnant, but I've *never* seen one with such an obvious cro*ch shot. And yes, this is a "nice" board, but you have to be able to take the good with the bad when it comes to sharing anything publicly. Just my 2 cents. Again, congrats.

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Project - Coming Soon....
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Project - Coming Soon....
by *yummy*mummy*
posted 01/10/08 at 02:02 PM
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This is me when i was in labour….a pic with my mom and a pic with my dear boyfriend……they were great during labour…and this was an awesome experience …there is also a pic of my contractions b/c they won't let you keep the charted paper…….i stamped on my pics and my buttons with staz on…..thanx for looking.

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