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Project - My Scrapbook Area

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Project - My Scrapbook Area
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Project - My Scrapbook Area
by Pridemom
posted 10/02/03 at 04:26 PM
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This is part of our tiny home office. I share space with dh's piano and our computer desk with monster file cabinet. Pic #1 is my cabinet that holds albums, stamps, cameras, crochet stuff, and lots of misc. Next to it is MIL's old buffet cart that nicely holds my paper cubes, PSB, idea binder, basket for scraps, and highsmith photo box.
Pic #2 is my scrap table. I'm hoping to move up to a 6“ banquet table soon. Sterlite 3 drawer unit holds Coluzzle, CMCCS, adhesives, scissors and pens. Basket on top holds pens, Undo, misc.
Little Tikes 5 drawer unit holds q-tips, tags, fibers, and some embellishments. Underneath is my Iris cart that holds scraps, swap stuff is stored in great 8.5x11” boxes dh gets Scholastic book orders in, and my Brother Xyron wanna-be refills that WalMart discontinued. Tote holds yard for crochet.
Pic #3 is the built in unit in the office. I have tons of stuff on the shelves and just organized it last week. The little yellow/blue/red bins were courtesy of our neighbor who is a manager at Ace hardware; they were retired from displaying hardware. Partially shown is Sterlite drawer unit that holds theme albums supplies, one per drawer. Tote holds more crochet yarn (also known as fiber, lol).

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