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Project - masked tag

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Another beautiful "scenic" tag!!!! I love the boldness of this piece. So fun and intricate looking. What a treasure to have! Thanks for participating in my challenge!!

I don't want to downplay how wonderful the scene is, but I just love the glitter on this tag! Very pretty!

Very nicely done! I like how the hearts seem to morf into the squares (or vice versa). I really like how you were able to get the different styles to all work together! very cool!

TFS the details again--I enjoyed rereading them to figure this one out! lol!!

Project - masked tag
About this project

Project - masked tag
by looser
posted 01/28/13 at 10:28 AM
Galleries: Stamping

This is another monthly (Feb) tag. This went to Marshia (Eagertoretire)

While the end results may look complicated, the actual steps/techniques were not all that difficult.

I started by using a piece of blue (teal-ish) CS. I stamped the stairs & masked the image. Then I stamped the door & masked it. I stamped the rose heart & removed all the masks.

I stamped the dove & that ‘set’ the size of the tag so I could cut out the shape.

Next I used 3 handgrip punches–large & small heart; square. I also used a knife to ‘open’ the doors & remove some parts around the door & steps.

I colored various areas with sepia/brown inks & some pinks (roses). I also added some teal ink.

I stamped the girl on paper & colored the image with brown, pink & blue. I put the image behind the doors & covered the entire back of the tag with a red PP.

As a last step, I applied some pink glitter paint to the punched areas & here & there, as well.

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