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Project - Themed Projects : Sweet Girlie Girl

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Project - Themed Projects : Sweet Girlie Girl
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Project - Themed Projects : Sweet Girlie Girl
by RobynRW
posted 07/01/09
Galleries: Scrapbooking

<p>Fashion….I love checking out all the latest designs, magazines, websites, stores, etc. for inspiration! Color, texture, fabric….love it all!! This theme is awesome - give it a shot! There is so much out there to be inspired by!</p>
<p>I went to an old stand-by for inspiration…JCrew website. I found a few darling tops that had these petal like shapes that were flowing into a scallop type design. I loved it! So, I cut a ‘U’ shape out of paper and then used it as a pattern to cut a bunch of ‘petals’ from different shades of pink and mustard yellow. Love the bright fresh colors too!&nbsp;:) I curved up the ends of the petals so that they pull off the page a bit - it looks really neat in person. I added some stamping to some of&nbsp; the petals and also I cut a few pieces of silver tulle and added that to the top of them.</p>
<p>Lots of random words that describe Madisyn and a die-cut bird that is a download for the Silhouette machine by Quickutz. Lovin' the fresh, bright colors, the petals, the journaling, the bird…so hip and fun! Totally inspired by fashion! Thanks for looking!</p>
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