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Project - Coloring options and Christmas Card Ideas


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So pleased you added this to the gallery. Nice to have a comparison sheet to see.

Project - Coloring options and Christmas Card Ideas
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Project - Coloring options and Christmas Card Ideas
by GoBucks319
posted 09/21/12 at 10:34 AM
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I needed to use this stamp to make my Christmas Cards. I tried a couple different mediums to color the image… colored pencils and copics. I am going to try chalk and hopefully some watercolors so I will include those as well.

Images 4-7:

picture #7: If you look at the original picture with the 6 images colored, this is the upper right image… I added some glimmer ink, i forget what it's called… just a pen, nothing big, but i liked it and so i think that is what i'm going to use on the snow.

picture #6: i bought watercolor paper. i don't like it. lol the image on the right was colored with watercolor colored pencils, and then i brushed a little water over it. first, the paper has like a pattern or some kind of lines, so you can see that it's not a clean image. i don't think the colored pencils added to it in any way, and definitely doesn't look like the watercolor examples I saw from 3kidmama's gallery!!! The other 2 images were done with a waterbased ink, and after i explain the other pics, you'll see why I didn't bother coloring. lol

someone suggested I stamp in light blue. (sorry, this is posted in General Stamping as well as General Scrappin' so I am writing 1 post to put in both threads… sorry if anything doesn't make sense!) Anyway, someone suggested I try a light blue ink. Stupid me, for some reason was thinking light blue paper…. so I thought I would try that. The next 2 papers are light blue, one is textured, 1 is now.

picture #5: [] Image on the right was done with copics and the image on the left was done with a waterbased ink and crayola markers. i added water to both. The picture on the left has a slight “watercolor” effect to it, but let's be honest, looks like a hot mess. I do like the image on the blue paper on the right, but, it's not really any different than a regular image I have been able to achieve. BTW, this is the textured paper.

Picture #4: [] Image on the right is again watercolor pencils (thinking this paper might be different than watercolor paper)… I see no difference. Image on the left is again with Crayola markers and a waterbased ink for the stamp… another hot mess in my opinion. lol

Still working on these….. got out some supplies so tell me what you think of these: []
Image 8:
i have included the 2 types of ribbon i'm thinking about using…. The stamped image is so big, and I still have to get a sentiment on there…. I don't HAVE to use the ribbon, but without question, it does need something else. If you can't tell, the embossed paper underneath does have little birds. you can see the embossed image better on the next picture because I inked it a little bit. []

Image 9:
just tried to cut out the image and used some pop dots underneath so it would stand out. I like the ink on the paper underneath so you can see it better, but what do i know? lol

Image 10: []
some patterned paper i put my hands on quickly (remember most of my stuff is in storage). i really like the paper, but don't have enough to do all the cards with this. i have no problems differentiating them a bit so they don't all have the same paper underneath, etc.

2 more to add…..

what do you think of just coloring the birds and some glitter for the snow, like this? too plain? []

and i bought this stamp to be the sentiment….. []
some more thoughts? you guys have been so great!!!

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