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Resource - Tutorials : Handstitching


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Resource - Tutorials : Handstitching
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Resource - Tutorials : Handstitching
by slsattler
posted 03/01/07
Galleries: Scrapbooking

I love stitching on my layouts --both by machine and hand. There is something really soothing about handstitching. I like taking a little break in the midst of my scrapping process to slow down and gather my thoughts as I stitch.
This page showcases the simplest of all stitches. I created a frame around my photo with straight stitches.
If you search online, you can find many more types of stitches which may work on your pages.
The method I use for handstitching is the following: I determine where I want the stitches to go. If necessary, I lightly draw a line with pencil, then I slide a push pad under my page, and use a sharp tool to poke holes where the stitching will be (page #3). Pre-poking the holes is much easier than trying to do it as you stitch with your regular sewing needle.
I use embroidery floss when I stitch. It comes in a variety of colors and I can use all 6 strands or untwist a strand or two of my length, to make the thread skinnier.
patterned paper
chipboard heart
decorative brad
embroidery floss
poking tool
push pad
Determine general layout of page--where photo, patterned paper and embellishments will go.
Lightly draw lines around photo. Slide push pad under page and poke holes on the pencil lines. I just randomly poked the holes--no precise measuring. I like the slight unevenness of the stitches when done this way.
Cut off a length of cream colored floss. Tie a knot in one end. Come up from the back at any hole, then poke down at the next hole. It's as easy as that! Repeat until finished with the frame. If you come to the end, and your needle is at the top, simply poke one more hole so you can finish on the back of your page. On the back of your page, tie another knot to secure the floss.
Repeat the same instructions for the red floss.
Cut 2 strips of patterned paper. Adhere.
Arrange and attach goodies in the corner of your page.
I used a tag, rub-on, chipboard heart, brad, and 2 stickers.
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