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This project is SO inspiring! I love it!

This is one of those layouts that will stick out in my memory as one I want to try myself. Love it, Stacey! :)

wow! fabulous!

Love, love, love . . . .. I could go on and on. AMAZING!!

This is truly stunning!

Project - Product Spotlight: Studio Calico * ... Read!
About this project

Project - Product Spotlight: Studio Calico * ... Read!
by slsattler
posted 11/14/11
Galleries: Scrapbooking

I had SO much fun with this project!!
I created the background using small cards, Studio Calico inks and masks–LOVE.

To make this project:
1. Start with several 3x4 cards (I swiped them from my project life). I have a large shallow box that I use for ink spritzing. Lay out a couple cards, placing butterfly masks on top of the cards {photo 3}. Using several colors of ink, spritz cards. I coated some of the cards lightly, some had more ink coverage and I also took the top off my ink and splattered the ink on some cards.{photo 4}
I did 2 cards at a time until I had an assortment of colors and more than enough cards for my project.

Play! Have fun!

{I love the Studio Calico masks because they are durable. They come with a teeny sticky dot on the back which holds them in place, but doesn't stick to the surface you are masking - genius!}

2. When all the ink is dry, lay the cards on a sheet of cardstock in a 4x3 grid. This creates the base of your page.

3. I added Studio Calico [] die cut tags and scrap pad accents along with my small photos and bits I had on my desk. I also added some stamping.

I wanted to share a couple cool things I discovered.

Photo 5: this is what the butterflies look like after using them a few times—lots of wet ink on top of them. I wondered what would happen if I tried to print with them….

Photo 6:This is what happened when I put a piece of white cardstock on top of the wet butterfly masks and gently rubbed. When I peeled it off, I had these cool ‘spritzy’ butterflies. I imagine cutting them out and using them on future projects!

Photo 7:I wanted to show you what the white paper in the bottom of the ‘spray box’ looked like when I was finished spritzing. Isn't it cool? I'm not sure what I can do with this…maybe it'll turn up in a project :)

Thanks for looking!
Have a great day!

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