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Project - A Colorful Christmas: Love You Canvas



wow, this is great and seems very easy to do. I oil and acrylic paint so i always have canvasses and paints around. thanks for sharing

Spectacular, Stacey! I would love to see where you display this. So cute.

I commented on the blog post, but I wanted to say it here too - this really makes me want to get messy and make art! I love all the texture on the canvas and it turned out beautifully! :)

Project - A Colorful Christmas: Love You Canvas
About this project

Project - A Colorful Christmas: Love You Canvas
by slsattler
posted 12/07/11
Galleries: Scrapbooking

Hello Peas!
Today I am going to show you how I made this fun little canvas. It would make a great gift for someone you love, or it might be for yourself to hang in a special spot in your home. This idea can be adapted for any type of photo-a special vacation picture, a shot at Halloween, a new baby canvas…the choices are limitless.

I choose to focus on one of my favorite color combinations of the season (well, any season, actually!)–pink and turquoise.
The base of my project is turquoise and my accents are pink.

To create this project:

Photo 1. Shows the completed canvas.

Photo 2. Gather your supplies. I bought a pack of canvases and dug out my acrylic paints in the turquoise color family. I laid newspaper on my work surface.

Photo 3. To lay down a base of texture before painting, I adhered a doily to my canvas using mod podge. This Glue N Seal [] by Ranger would work too. Allow to dry.

Photo 4. Squeeze some paint onto your canvas-use a few different colors.

Photo 5. Spread the colors on the canvas, over the doily, mixing the colors directly on the canvas. Add more paint if necessary.

Photo 6. To continue layering texture, I ‘printed’ with a sheet of bubble wrap by painting onto the plastic bubbles with white paint, then pressing it onto the canvas. I did practice a few times on my newspaper first. I had a failed attempt or two, and just painted over the printing with more turquoise paint and tried reprinting-no biggie!! This is a forgiving project.

Photo 7. This photo shows the painted doily and the bubble printing on the canvas.

Photo 8. When the paint is completely dry, I used spray ink to add one more layer–I spritzed and dripped onto the canvas and let this dry for several hours.

Photo 9. This is a photo of all of my supplies laid out- patterned paper strips cut and inked, twine, flowers, and my photo on the canvas–waiting for the final arrangement.

Photo 10. Canvas in progress - laying things out, arranging, re-arranging.

Photo 11. Once again, the final canvas. Pieces glued on, twine tied, embellishments adhered.

I hope you've enjoyed seeing this process. I had a great time creating this piece, and expect to be making more in the near future :)

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