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Project - if monkey could talk



I was sooo excited to see a two-pager in the top ten. I just had to pop in and say congrats. It's a great the colors and the story!

I love everything about this LO - the colors, patterns, pictures, theme. Great!!! TFS and inspiring!

Really LOVE this LO! Color combos are great, very pleasing to the eye, clean looking!

LOVE the monkey and your DS is adorable!

Bookmarking this one..TFS!

i love this layout! such cute photos ... and even cuter journaling! love when pages just fall together!

Project - if monkey could talk
About this project

Project - if monkey could talk
by miss_stephanie
posted 06/02/09 at 02:33 PM
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LOL this is my son's (22 months old)other half, his precious monkey… this was a gift he received from my nephew (his cousin) when he was born it was from the hospital gift shop… we have never found an exact one like it… no other monkey compares (and believe me we have tried a lot of them!!)

He carries this poor thing everywhere… and makes impossible to give it a good wash - so monkey is pretty gross most of the time. LOL.

The last 2 photos are how I attempt to get shots of my layouts… about half of the shots always have a red head of hair in the bottom corner of them… he loves to admire himself on the pages :) and today was even better because monkey was on there too. LOL

I am super excited on how this one turned out (there was no planning… just found some paper that I finally liked to go with these photos and it just fell together and was completed during Nick's nap - which only lasted about 45 minutes…) The only thing I am not pleased with is the journaling.. the pen and I were having issues and it was not writing evenly like it usually does… looks like it's time for a new pen lol.

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