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Project - Scrap Studio - Wookiemouse Gen 1 Challenge Results



You have a beautiful room...and it's so organized. Thanks for sharing!

Wow! Your room is absolutely beautiful and so very organized. Thanks so much for sharing!

Oh... wow!!!!!!!!!!!! Amazing.

Your room is AMAZING. I love the way you upscaled it so that it fit in with the look of your home. I scrap in my dining room and, oh, oh, I could learn some lessons from you! Thanks so much for posting all the views and descriptions.

The 3-ring Binders came from Target. They are slightly expensive - $6 each - but I knew that they would last for a long time, since I am not lugging them to school. :-)

They are that Green Eco brand. Sometimes Walmart gets them for back to school but they don't keep them year round. Target carries this brand year round and they rotate in fresh color schemes for them.

Thanks for looking at my playroom! :-)

Penny, where did you get your 3 ring binders that you are using for your large diecuts, etc and your LOM 3 up binders (library)? They are beautiful. I have never seen anything that nice when I am looking.

Project - Scrap Studio - Wookiemouse Gen 1 Challenge Results
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Project - Scrap Studio - Wookiemouse Gen 1 Challenge Results
by pennyscraps
posted 02/01/10 at 10:34 PM
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1. Overview of room. My room is off the entry way to our home and is quite visible. I needed a space that not only made me happy but made everyone else happy, too. 2. My room started out as our home office. This cross wall - and my shelves of books - are loves that I have in addition to paper play. I wanted these things to stay in the room so that I was surrounded by JOY - by things that bring me joy. 3. This is the view from my chair toward our front door/entry. The two chairs in my studio are often filled with my guys: DH or two teenage DS's - or the cat or the dog. The hutch against the wall provides storage below. It houses my IRIS case project kits which are shown in another photo in my gallery. 4. This yummy white marshmallow chair was a recommendation from Puddinhead - it's from Ikea and so comfy. The little nesting table underneath holds my trimmer. My goal was to keep as much of my desktop clear as possible. I have those little pads on its feet and it easily slides out for cutting and goes right back under the big mama table. 5. Where would we be without our Expedits? My top row is patterned paper, sorted by manufacturer in alpha order, with some theme papers on the far right. The 2nd row first bin holds some specialty papers and those big stamp sets and technique tiles and grunge paper and canvas, etc. 6. The 2nd and 3rd cubbies are Scraponizers which I love and which hold 90% of my small embellies. 7. The first 3 3-ring binders hold die cuts, journaling tags and embossing folders. Then I have some BPS class binders and then the last 2 12x12 binders hold memorabilia. 8. This is the top set of right cabinets. The binders on the right are my stamps. Again, these are in a separate photo in my gallery. My pens are stored in re-purposed Republic of Tea canisters. I covered them in paper. They can stack on top of one another with magnets if I want to set them out. 9. The Akro 24 drawer bin holds my chipboard letters, sorted by alpha. 10. These are Craftmate XL bins, which you can now get at W or M's and they hold little metals and brads. Love ‘em. They can’t spill. 11. These are Cropper Hopper 9x12 drawers - sadly now discontinued - and these are in my top large bottom drawer on the right side. They hold rub-ons and stickers and alpha stickers. My thickers are in there, too - up near the front in a plastic bin, sorted by color. 12. Upper left cabinet set. Top shelf - LOM Pioneer 3-up albums. Then some tools on the other shelves. The top right shelf is still “home office junk” and idea books and Northridge Media books are on the bottom shelves. 13. Okay - this was my very own idea. {Yea me!} I got a sheet of metal at Lowe's and adhered magnets to the back of each Cricut cartridge. Bree, Simplyparticular, was wonderful and got me the cart images off the internet. I ran them through my laminating xyron for protection and then adhered the lifesize image to a house a/c magnetic vent cover. So, all my little carts have their home on their little likeness and I can easily put them away and grab them. I tore the books apart and they are on 2 sets of o-rings up on the cabinet. I don't know if this makes any sense. No more boxes bottom line. And I wanted to be able to grab ONE not a case of 8 or 24…. 14. My jars of ribbon. Jars from Target, ribbon rolled around my finger and then secured with black hair rubberbands from W. Super easy, super cheap, super pretty. 15. Two drawers of punches. I'm out of room here - have put myself on a temp buying freeze of them….ugh. I love me some punches! Eventually I will probably migrate to one of those hanging over the door bags in the adjacent guest room - but I am avoiding that as I love having them close! 16. Top left drawer - holds all my mini paper pads and anything I need to make a card and also my pre-made cards - and honestly, some photos I need to sort. {This drawer could use a little more tweaking.} 17. My printer and Cricut live in the drawer below it - but it's a fake drawer - it's really a cupboard with a swing open door. DH installed the printer slide out tray - love it - and he is going to do a little try for the Cricut, too. {Someday} 18. Not one to lose any space, the two M's cubes sit under my computer desk top area and house my Cardstock. Sitting on top of them is my catgegory drawers for LOM and my enlargement boxes. 19. My wall that holds my Demdaco angels and a magazine rack from PB from years ago - 10?? - and my vintage typewriter sitting below on the floor. 20. The Felix Gonzales-Torres quote that speaks to my heart.

What changed for me during this challenge was I totally did get organized and put things together by zone. The left side of the built-ins is all tools, the right side is all embellies. DH installed a new ceiling light, the under cabinet lights, the printer tray and the keyboard tray. He still is going to drill a hole so we can drop the cord to the iMac and run it under the countertop. He says next week. He also spray painted my Ott lite white. Love that. I want to do some vinyl on it, too - but just no time yet. I loved altering my carousel and changing out my wall art to the 6 canvases. I also cleared my desk of lots of clutter and kept one little pewter platter of pretties on it. I love my room. Love it. THANK YOU WOOKIEMOUSE FOR ALL YOUR LINKS AND IDEAS. Thank you Wookiemouseteers for letting me bounce all of my issues off of you! Thank you Jana Eubanks for showing me how to use cabinets and thank you Berta for showing me how to use paper to unify and prettify. And thanks to all you P's who so graciously posted your rooms - I got lots of ideas here and there and couldn't have done it without you either!

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