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Project - Scrapbook Room - Updated 2.5 yrs later



Your space looks as fabulous as ever!! Its nice to know that the Yoda of scraproom organization makes tweaks and adjustments too:) Thanks for sharing!!

Fab space!! I just love the look of your albums!!

Great job Stacy! Nice to know tweaking a system is A-OK! Your room is always inspiring - thanks for sharing the changes and updates!

Project - Scrapbook Room - Updated 2.5 yrs later
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Project - Scrapbook Room - Updated 2.5 yrs later
by wookiemouse
posted 06/21/10 at 07:19 PM
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Updates: I've gone to the Dark Side (aka Library of Memories System). It's AWESOME! I keep all my “in progress” albums up on my chipboard letter drawers now. They're all American Crafts - Cloth albums for my family albums, Modern for my trips. I've relocated my themed die-cut storage to a stacked Iris box cart under my desk, each box has a theme. That Cropper Hopper case down there is my sketches file, on 4x6 notecards filed by number of photos. I added a Pottery Barn map drawer unit (on clearance at an outlet) for additional storage (more on that later). On top of the drawer are all my LOM category drawers and memorabilia box, as well as any “to do” projects. I no longer do hanging baggies of pics with the LOM system, but I do keep a running list of projects I want to tackle on my chalkboard (those awesome butterfly magnets are from Paper Source). All my LOM binders and completed non-standard albums are now located in my “armoire”. The map drawer unit houses all my paper scraps, 2 colors per drawer, divided up by size into shallow containers. On the other underside of my main desk, I have raw chipboard divided up into Iris boxes, by shape/theme. I store all my kits from monthly clubs in ziploc bags in plastic bins that I can easily pull out - they're in the cabinet where my scraps used to be. Where my photos used to be housed on my main table, I now store non-themed die cuts, one box per color (and my kid's crafts supplies, those are the pink dot boxes). On the other side of the table, I have sets of chipboard letters divided up by color (if they're not a matching set per se, then they go in my letter drawers). I've changed my ribbon storage as well - all my decorative tape now goes on the ribbon rods behind my main door. My ribbon has been relocated to plastic shoe boxes in a cabinet - each length is wrapped around a piece of cardboard and secured with a pin. I also found this gorgeous inspiration box on an online sample sale site - it has 365 inspirational quotes on this lovely antiqued paper, I LOVE it. On the countertop, I got rid of my little bucket system and opted for the Making Memories tool carousel - it was just more practical. I also put a removable hook up on the wall to hang all my Pazzles stuff out of the way. Finally, I expanded my sticker and rub on storage in the space that used to house my non-themed die cuts.

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