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13  Comments - Stamping A to Z at Two Peas: Altered Book

Wow! One of the best altered projects I've seen! This is fantastic and I LOVE all the details and especially how you did the cover! Thanks for posting such wonderful pics so we could really see up close!

Whoa -- this is a MASTERPIECE!



HOW did I miss this when it was first posted?! Simply stunning!!!

Wow - my jaw dropped with this one! You did an amazing job! I really wish that in addition to the "like" button, they had a "love this" button! : )

You really did a wonderful job - thank you so much for sharing this project with the rest of us!

Wow!!! I'm at a loss for words because it is so fabulous.

WOW! This is just unbelievably cool....!!! Just LOVE it!!!

I don't believe words can express how absolutely beautiful this book is. What a keepsake.

Each detail is so eye catching, what an adventure is crafting you had and the results are simply too beautiful for words.

Thanks for sharing this. This should be pinned on pinterest - but I don't know how, but might try

Hi Anna Karin! I was having a look on two peas to check out Christmas stuff, and I found out your AWESOME book! It is simply GREAT!!! I recognize your habiliies with all the diffferent new techniques you are always are such a big inspiration for me! (I wonder how come youre not a Garden girl yet! .....)
Im, really happy to see that youre still here and goind amazing stuff!
(I also saw your latest LOs with Anton pictures on it! He is growing so fast and so cute!!!!)

Hi, Anna-Karin! Wow! This is STUNNING! A total jaw-dropper! Thanks so much for sharing it with us! You were really inspired and went above-and-beyond! I love the overall gold and blue color scheme. This is simply amazing!!! :-)

I LOVE your book, Anna-Karin! Thanks so much for being our guest!

This is amazing. WOW!

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