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Project - My New Scrapbook Room



VERY nice! TFS!

Nice room! I especially love the wall unit and how organized the whole room is.

Love your room!
I love the blue wall unit!

Love your color scheme!! Looks like a great place for being creative!!!

This is amazing. I stopped scrapbooking for awhile because of health issues and our wedding and I really want to get back into it (and buy some new motivation supplies), but I need to get organized. I am so jealous. Organizing paper is the hardest for me - I don't care so much about brand - more about color, theme, pattern...I also don't really have a method for storing - what type of containers are your paper in? Does anyone else have any other ideas?

Love the cabinets too... wow, wish I could get those! The colour is fantastic. Also never have seen the Cricut cartridge / books / overlay cases before. How cool!

Project - My New Scrapbook Room
About this project

Project - My New Scrapbook Room
by aphra dee pea
posted 09/28/11 at 09:09 PM
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I finally finished arranging, organizing, and labeling my scrapbook room. I have a little bit of decorating left to do but I just couldn't wait to share some pics. Before it gets too messy. LOL!

1. My die cut shelves. I have my Cuttlebug, Your Story, and Expressions on the top. The bins hold embossing folders, magazines, Cricut supplies, tools, etc.

2. My desk and work table. LOVE being able to work on this large table. It is a Martha Stewart kitchen table from K-Mart. I plan to put a skirt around the table to hid the trash can and rolling cart, but that may take a while. I have ZERO sewing skills.

3. My Making Memories carousel. LOVE!

4. My Clip It Up. Can you say Thickers addict?

5. My ribbon assortment. I use the Ribbon Rings to hang the ribbon, so I can see all the pretty colors.

6. My Pottery Barn discount cabinet. It holds all my paper and a LOT of my embellishments.

7. Cricut cartridge storage.

8. I use the Art Bins. They are awesome – 16 carts plus overlays and books per case.

9. Cropper Hoppers. I store my papers by manufacture in alphabetical order. I separate the different lines with the coordinating stickers and die cuts in 12 x 12 zip seal bags. So easy to grab and take to my desk.

10. Metal embellishments, extra adhesive, and MME embellishments.

11. Stamps, ink pads, paint on the top. Embellishments sorted into Iris 12 x 12 boxes on the bottom.

12. One of two sides holding photos, card supplies, finished cards, small tools, and ribbon rolls.

13. My Imaginisce tool bin.

14. Three bead boxes holding Imaginisce tool accessories.

Thanks for looking!!!

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