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10  Comments - My New Scrapbook Room

VERY nice! TFS!

Nice room! I especially love the wall unit and how organized the whole room is.

Love your room!
I love the blue wall unit!

Love your color scheme!! Looks like a great place for being creative!!!

This is amazing. I stopped scrapbooking for awhile because of health issues and our wedding and I really want to get back into it (and buy some new motivation supplies), but I need to get organized. I am so jealous. Organizing paper is the hardest for me - I don't care so much about brand - more about color, theme, pattern...I also don't really have a method for storing - what type of containers are your paper in? Does anyone else have any other ideas?

Love the cabinets too... wow, wish I could get those! The colour is fantastic. Also never have seen the Cricut cartridge / books / overlay cases before. How cool!

Love the blue cabinets and your organization is phenomonal!

Wow - this is amazing! Can you come over and organize my stuff for me? lol Love love love it! So jealous. Enjoy!! ;)

love the color of your cabinets - and so organized.

Wow this is amazing.. I am jealous.. enjoy your new creative environment.. it is sure to inspire you..

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