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Project - My first garage shoot...

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These are fabulous photos Carol!

You're little boy is just precious!!!!!

Project - My first garage shoot...
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Project - My first garage shoot...
by carolgscrapper
posted 11/17/03 at 08:00 PM
Galleries: Photography

This was my first garage shoot. I used a black backdrop that I purchased at Joanns for under $20 and I used natural light from outside the garage. I didn't have any reflector so some of the pics are a little dark on one side, but the scanner made it look darker than it does in the actual pics. My son did a fabulous job posing for me…he is such a little camera hog! I know that these aren't as good as most posted here, but I figured that you don't get any better if you don't start somewhere! Plus…it is a lot of fun!

Edited to add…I don't know where that white fuzz is coming from…it is not in any of my originals…probably the crappy scanner.

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