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Project - Perfect Ten

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Thank you so much!!!

Gorgeous. Love the vibrant colours :)

Oh my goodness... Thank you Shimelle!!! :)

Yay - so glad to see you start to post in the gallery, and what great pages they are! I love how you mixed the photo sizes to really make the design work, and that column of amazing facial expressions is so perfect! :) TFS!

I think it's great that you used older supplies...I find them harder to use, as I can't "cheat" and look at layouts in the gallery featuring them. You did a great job and the photos are really nice!

Thank you so much! That is actually specialty paper from The Paper Studio that I bought years ago-it has a lg die cut cupcake and party hat as well, and the pps have glitter. 3 boys... I take glitter where I can get it! lol. It's old though, at least a few years-it's from my old LSS that closed a couple of years ago!

Project - Perfect Ten
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Project - Perfect Ten
by KristenFNJ
posted 08/18/12 at 07:58 PM
via Two Peas for iPhone
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DS1's 10th birthday dinner with the grandparents :). I thought the first layout I ever posted would be one of my better ones, but I'm happy with this simpler one because it's DONE after a long draught!

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