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Project - Capture:Everyday Stories Project LIfe MelBlackburn



I love the color palette. I am going to NY next week, so now I am inspired :D

Great color palette and all of your embellishments are perfect. You totally inspire me to take up Project Life. xo Kimberly

I especially love how you personalized the wood veneer cards!

Beautiful colors, Mel! Makes me ready to go back to NYC!

This spread is truly amazing!

Love! Awesome colours!!!

Project - Capture:Everyday Stories Project LIfe MelBlackburn
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Garden Girl

Project - Capture:Everyday Stories Project LIfe MelBlackburn
by MelBlackburn
posted 02/01/14
Galleries: Project Life

Hello everyone! I'm excited to be sharing with you my very first Project Life spread. This week's theme is capture the everyday stories Family edition. Well most often PL is about family, what is happening in our daily lives, the special moments to remember. This particular week is extra special because I took my oldest daughter to NYC. It was a surprised trip and she was blown away. We had such a lovely time together, which I know we will treasure forever.

As you can see I have a lot of pictures in this spread, I decided to recap the journaling on only a couple of journaling cards, this left more room for pictures, which to me is what really mattered the most for this week.

Since the pictures were very bold in colours (especially my daughter's pink bag, I should have planned better LOL!) I decided to keep a neutral colour palette which was inspired by the moodboard. The grey, white and black were perfect for this spread, I added a bit of teal to make things more interesting.

When I create my PL spreads, I try to use similar embellishments, in this case wood veneers were my principal source of inspiration. The wood veneer cards in the 2Peas store are fabulous, I even added a bit of stitching with my sewing machine and journaling with my electronic typewriter. These are quick and easy ways to customize the cards.

Last but not least, this is obviously a traveled themed spread, however I didn't use travel themed products. I just pulled various items from my supplies and made sure to have similar elements in embellishments, colour and texture. This created a uniformed design.

I hope I've inspired you to create a PL spread that reflects these design elements. Thanks for looking at my project!
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