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Project - A new direction

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This is a fabulous page. I loved reading the journaling, it all sounds so fascinating. A great way to showcase such an important event in your career.

Project - A new direction
About this project

Project - A new direction
by Amy Alvis
posted 01/31/09 at 03:07 PM
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When Dr. White came to us with this idea of a new kind of school we didn’t know what to think of it. I had never heard of a Fundamental School. We were all wondering how this would change things at our school. A couple of months later a few parents, school board members and our principal took a trip to Florida to visit some Fundamental schools. They came back with nothing but glowing reports about what they saw. The teachers did not know what to believe as the parents and the board members wanted the program and we thought that they might just tell us anything so that we would buy into it. Our current principal decided to retire and we were introduced to our new leader. After help from the teacher’s union, it was decided that the new principal and two teachers would visit Florida. The teacher’s liked that idea as we felt we would get a better perspective of the schools from�one of our own.� I was one of the two teachers chosen for the trip. We visited two schools and found that what we were told was pretty accurate.
We are now half way through the school year. I’ve had to do more work with the new program, but it is definitely worth it to have the students that I have. Most of them enjoy being at school and learning what I teach them. We have some kinks in the system that will work themselves out, but I do believe this program is here to stay. I would love to be able to stay at school #57 for the rest of my teaching career and see how the program progresses. I only see it getting better.
There was an article written for the Indianapolis Star about our school (I was even quoted!) and since then several families have asked for transfers to our school. It appears as if lots of great things are coming our way.
The journaling on the white cardstock is the newspaper article.
pattern paper: American Crafts<BR>
plastic letters: Autumn Leaves<BR>
letter stickers: KI Memories<BR>
Flair: American Crafts<BR>
cardstock: Bazzill (white and black) and American Crafts (red and green)<BR>
font: 2Peas Notebook<BR>
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