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Project - scrapbook layout do-over: Flower Garden



I agree you definitely improved the layout, the title was lost on the first version

I think you have made some nice additions/revisions. I too will go back and add things to layouts. I make it a rule not to do so if the layouts are more than a year old, so yours would be within my time frame.

I really like the grid background and the off-centred doilies. Very nice!

I think you made a big improvement in the title, but I actually like both l/o's. Thanks for showing us - this is something most of us have done or thought about doing! Maria

I agree the added doiles add balance and help accentuate the title. BUt to be fair, this isn't a total knock down start over make-over as some people want to do with older pages, but an improvement on the page design already started. Nicely done

I think your additional embellishments made a big difference. Good for you!

Project - scrapbook layout do-over: Flower Garden
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Project - scrapbook layout do-over: Flower Garden
by crimsoncat05
posted 02/03/13 at 10:24 PM
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I normally wouldn't do this, but recently I re-did a layout that I just did. not. like. It was done last March from a prompt out of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, and the more I looked at it, the more it looked unbalanced and unfinished to me. (the original layout is the 4th photo)
…so, I removed the title stickers (which you could barely see anyway), added the doilies, along with some other details… I think it's a major improvement. Thanks for looking!

See more details on my blog at: []

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