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Project - Scott's Mural

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Oh, my! You sure are one talented painter!! I hope you're happy with the result, because the hours invested were so worth it!! Congrats on this project! <img border='0' src='/images/icons/grin.gif'>

Cindy are sheer greatness!

Looks great. I bet he was thrilled with the results. Too bad it is on a wall inside, fewer people can enjoy it that way.

That is AWESOME--great job! It would be fun to sit in that room for a nice dinner.

I know that I echo others, but WOW! Beautiful!
Thank you so much for sharing.

Helena, this is amazing! You are so incredibly talented, what a gift you have!

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Project - Scott's Mural
About this project

Project - Scott's Mural
by HelenaJole
posted 12/03/03 at 07:18 PM
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A friend just moved across town to become apartment manager at another complex, and he let me paint a mural on his wall (I've had the painting bug lately… just wanted to give it a try!) It took much longer than I thought it would–about 135 hours over six weeks, but it's finally done! Got it finished and signed yesterday, and got pictures developed today. Yippee!<br><br>

The beginning: I got the idea out of a mural book. DH and a friend helped me trace the outlines onto the wall with purple chalk, and I used a string on a push-pin for a vanishing point.<br><br><img src= []><br><br>
<img src= []><br><br>

Starting on the block details (bad flash on this one)<br><br>

<img src= []><br><br>

Starting on the clouds. We had some really great clouds the first couple of weeks that I was painting. Quite inspiring.<br><br><img src= []><br><br>

<img src= []><br><br>

A big dark cloud! (I kind of scared myself with this one…) <img src= []><br><br><img src= []><br><br>

I used a calendar picture of Mt Rainier for the mountain, but changed it a little.<br><br><img src= []><br><br>

<img src= []><br><br>

I used regular latex wall paints for most of the painting, but used artists acrylics for some of the landscape detail (like the trees… lots of trees… happy little trees…)<br><br><img src= []><br><br>

A friend came by and took this one with her digital camera.<br><br><img src= []><br><br>

<img src= []><br><br>
Back to working on the blocks<br><br><img src= []><br><br>

Many many blocks… the blocks took WAY too long.<br><br><img src= []><br><br>

It's a bird! It's a plane! …it's a bird. <br><br><img src= []><br><br>

Signing!<br><br><img src= []><br><br>

<img src= []><br><br>

All done! <img src= []> The dining room table goes in front of the mural, so I designed the horizon line to be at eye level when you're sitting.<br><br><img src= []><br><br>

A few detail shots… <br><br><img src= []><br><br>

<img src= []><br><br>

That's it! Am I nuts? It was a lot of fun, though it sure took a long time! <br><br>

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