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Project - Characters I Met at Disney - Autograph Book



i know this praise is a little late, but this is awesome!!!!!! i love everything about it. soooooo cool.

Beautiful book. You did an awesome job on it.

Your book is sooo cute! I'm a Disney addict and love looking at other posts. Keep up the great creating so others feel inspired!

This is great!! I can't wait to go!! We leave this Saturday!!!

Thanks! I brought blank cards with us. It was so easy to see a character and just pull out a blank card rather than shuffle around with finding the next page in the book...would totally recommend bringing cards especially if you are going to do your own book! My bag had a pretty flat back pocket, so it kept them nice and flat! TFL!

This is FANTASTIC!!! Love how you used all the fun embellies! This TOTALLY ROCKS!!! Did you bring the blank cards & then make the album or did you make the album first??

I've been playing around with autograph album ideas &amp; we're going in June---times RUNNING OUT!!

Project - Characters I Met at Disney - Autograph Book
About this project

Project - Characters I Met at Disney - Autograph Book
by stoneybrook
posted 04/30/07 at 07:13 PM
Galleries: Scrapbooking

Book made for Character Autographs from Disney. Used lots of stuff from stash including old stickers that I thought I would never use. It's a mix of stuff that doesn't go together, but I think totally looks cool but together. Have to find Snow White autograph card that's lost in my stash somewhere! :) 7 Gypsies Calendar used for base of book, Chatterbox, Scenic Route, Disney Products

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