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Project - My scrap space



what a great space. nice to have a large enough room that everyone gets some space in it.. <img border='0' src='/graphics/mbicons/smilies_v2/smile.gif'>

I am glad people like the color. My dh is not that crazy about it. He has his computer and desk on the other side of the room. I also have the kids playstation and a loveseat and chair in here.

I told my dh that he can get over the yellow because I am the only girl in this house and I can have ONE room that is a girly color. hahah

I realized after I posted just how horrible the back of the desk looks with the unpainted trim. I got out the paint and hope to touch up those ugly parts soon!!!!

Love your space...TFS... <img border='0' src='/graphics/mbicons/smilies_v2/thumbup2.gif'>

Loving the yellow on the walls! Great clean up job. Can't even picture what I'd look like if it were messy!<img border='0' src='/graphics/mbicons/smilies_v2/tongue.gif'>

Looks like a great space! The wall color is just perfect!

Project - My scrap space
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Project - My scrap space
by mommyfor b and p
posted 05/31/09 at 04:18 PM
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I have been working for a week cleaning up my work area. I made my son's teachers both a scrapbook and it took longer than I planned. After I finally finished them, I realized my scrap space was a wreck. Thought I would share my little area since I am proud of the clean up!!

I have one whole end of our “hobby room” we call it. I have a cabinet and shelved on one side of my desk. I have a 2 full bookcases on the other side that I use for all kinds of stuff. My desk was made by my husband and it sits in between. I still have to finish painting the trim on the back. The last picture is from the door and you can see the whole thing. I painted the end of the cabinet with dry erase paint so the kids can write on it.
Thanks for looking.

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