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Project - Iris themed storage



Wow, Nantini, you are extremely talented! I would love to dress my cubes up. Do you mind telling me what a base unit is so I'll know what to get? And, then you attached the molding to the base unit? I love the Iris unit as well. Great job!!!

I made this myself. The back unit is a lot of cubes stacked on top of a base unit. I used molding to dress it up a bit, and had a top custom made.

The unit that holds the Iris boxes is made from 4 pieces of shelving attached to a base, with a masonite backing. It too has a custom made top. The other side of this unit has 4 cubes turned back to back. One set faces towards me at the desk and has tools, etc. in the drawers. The side that faces the front has open storage for all my stamp cases.

Thanks for looking!

Your room is so neat - love the unit that's holding the Iris cases. Thanks for showing us. Maria

Love this unit...did you make it or have it made?
Also is your cube system that shows in the back of this picture, just the M's cubes jazzed up with a bit of crown molding on the bottom and an extra board on top?

I really love the look of this...very elegant.

Project - Iris themed storage
About this project

Project - Iris themed storage
by Nantini
posted 02/01/10 at 12:59 PM
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I decided to keep all my themed papers and embellishments in Iris storage cases. I've labeled them by theme, now I no longer have to dig for things!

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