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Project - Ice Skating

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I think this is great too! I love when the not-so-perfect photos are used. That's what scrapping is all about. And, how cool that you went hybrid with the template!

Awesome layout! I kind of like it that the pics are less than perfect, it adds something for me. Great colors and flow.

this is wonderful! love that you used a digi template for a paper layout! I have to give a try!

Project - Ice Skating
About this project

Project - Ice Skating
by Karen *C
posted 12/28/09 at 02:52 AM
Galleries: Scrapbooking

So I decided to take a digi template and make it hybrid - I do like a little challenge!

I had some photos of me from Christmas Eve - we went to Hampton Court Palace to di a little festive Ice Skating. They are not too great as we had to sneak some photos using a mobile - cameras on ice are NOT a good idea and really quite dangerous!

So armed with some noisy photos, I embraced to not quite so perfect and made this little layout about our trip out.

I LOVE the way that the text flows in a path arouns the photos. I used this and re created the title so I could add some real life foam letters too.
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