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Project - Scrapbook Room Before

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Project - Scrapbook Room Before
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Project - Scrapbook Room Before
by juang
posted 10/30/11 at 03:22 AM
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As you walk into my room there is a small bookshelf on the left that hold misc. stuff and the wireless printer, then the closet filled with stuff, a stack of 3 jetmax cubes with more stuff, a small sofa that holds stuff, a file cabinet that has lots of stuff in and on it, my stool that I never use is covered with stuff, 4 layouts of family on the wall, my ribbon spools (lots are missing because they are with on-going projects), my desk (opposite of the bookshelf when you walk in) was made by my dh to my specifications (in other words it fits me since I am a stand up scrapper), under the desk are 4 jetmax cubes holding paper and page kits, next to the desk are 2 sets of 3 plastic drawers that hold my clear stamps, next are 6 jetmax cubes that hold all kinds of misc. stuff, then finally my office desk (it's huge, but you can see some of my books over the monitor, I need lots of space to spread out while I'm doing research projects and when I'm not in school, it holds lots of scrappy overflow).

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