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Project - Teacher Appreciation Charm Swap



Great job everyone. I can't wait to see them IRL. My daughters teachers are going to flip when they receive. You did a great job of hosting and your charms look awesome. Thanks so much for the RAK!! I created the hall pass and report card charms. For the hall pass I took a wooden fence for dollhouses and cut the wire off of them then I stained the eraser with one of those stain pens and painted the rest.

The six on the first page are the charms I made. My friend, Laurie, and I each wanted two spots. We also ended up angeling another two spots (math and spelling bee). This was the first swap I hosted. I can't wait to give these charms to my son's teacher Thanks for all the great work everyone!

I cant wait to get these. I had a great time making mine. I did the globe and the ruler (page #2). The ruler was one I picked up during a scavenger hunt for another swap. It was a foldable yard stick. My hubby cut them into 1" pieces and I inked them then added a tiny red jeweled heart to the bottom corner. So many cool charms. Yeah!!!

oh wow now i really must hit the mailbox before hubby, i love them all great job,

Project - Teacher Appreciation Charm Swap
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Project - Teacher Appreciation Charm Swap
by JoyNewYork
posted 04/11/10 at 06:33 PM
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Pictures of the fabulous charms I received for the swap.

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