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Project - A River Runs Through It

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Your layout for this challenge looks terrific. The blue watercolour blends into the theme of the river perfectly, well done :)

Project - A River Runs Through It
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Project - A River Runs Through It
by belindaannewebster
posted 08/13/13 at 08:00 PM
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Love love love Wilnas video and page… Felt so inspired by a number of elements.

The feathers, the watercolour, the butterflies are all inspired by Wilna's page.

This page is kinda about my 22 year obsession with Native Americans - even though Im Australian!! I just love any crystal clear river because it automatically takes me to a place where I can just imagine a tribe coming round the riverbend on horseback - I swear I was born in the wrong era! I would really love one day to have such a river running through my own property so I could go there and dream!!
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